Mam and Dad with Wedding Cake
Mam and Dad post restoration and cropped

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I have tried it out, photo restoration with my parent’s wedding photos. My mam didn’t want to cut the cake so I have been told, and the she was nervous, hence the face of concentration.

They were married just over 43 years ago. They recently bought a negative reader and came to visit for the weekend, and they brought their new toy….!Low and behold they had some wedding photos on the SD card. I was off onto my computer uploading the jpegs from the SD card and dropped into Photoshop Cs3 extended.

I played around and was pleasantly surprised. I must say the quality of the negatives were very poor. They could not afford a proper photographer back in the day, my dad’s brother – in – law managed to salvage some photographs for posterity.

I wanted to help, for the love I have for my parents, and restore a couple of their photographs of their big day, back in 1969.

I asked them if I could use the photographs in my blog; I am very proud of my parents as this is for them and to show you what can be done to salvage treasured memories.

This is far from an easy job restoring photographs, I am sure a more experienced dab – hander would do better than this, this is my first attempt, I quite enjoyed it and pleased with the outcome.

Using layers and the clone stamping tool, magnifying in on the image to remove holes and unwanted bits; select magic wand tool for certain areas, especially around the cake for the white balance, alter the levels and curves, you can get a reasonable restoration job done.

These negatives were in poor condition and the negative reader creates a Jpeg image, a 5 megapixel setting was used (and not the 10), and thus some details are lost in the compression. You can’t even edit in Camera Raw (ACR in photoshop)

Well let me know what you think, the before’s and after’s in the gallery…

The Gallery

Thanks for popping in to my blog today 🙂

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  1. Thank you Angie you have done brilliantly, considering the poor quality of the negatives it means a lot to your Dad and I, we cannot thank you enough xx

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