Classic VW Camper

Classic VW Camper

Art Work and Photography


vw camper full body

This VW Camper belongs to Vintage VolksWeddings are a local business in Sheffield if you are interested in hiring the VW set, please follow the link HERE. They can also be contacted through Facebook page HERE

Never have I been so excited to have been allowed to photograph a classic camper van. This wonderful VW camper belongs to my neighbours who have named it Harry. They are running a wedding car hire service with a twist. Not the usual limousines, which are so overrated.

I love the idea of been chauffeur driven in a VW classic camper van and Beetle to a wedding (or maybe my own..) is just fabulous.

The Beetle was not on at the wedding fair at Sheffield Kenwood Hall Hotel, however the van was. Richard has already had is beautiful VW Beetle restored, and the camper has had some major restoration, and the paint work with its original colour. A little help from Reubens Woodcrafts  who has helped out with restoring the wood on a the table. We await in anticipation of the finished article.

I have tried to do justice to this lovely classic, and I hope I have done Richard and Catherine proud, and will allow me another shot at photographing Harry (and hopefully the Beetle) in the future.

I have been a little creative in Lightroom 4 and a tad in CS3. The full body shot of the camper is an HDR merge of 3 bracket images.

Thank you calling in today :)

artyange photo images


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