Copyright UK

Copyright UK

Legalised online theft

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Are you aware that very soon you as a photographer or digital artist will soon lose your rights of copyright online?

Please take 2 minutes of your time to read and sign this online petition to the UK government:

Watermark your work

I have made my own mistakes and have not water marked everything, especially starting out in my early days of blogging.

Include a copyright statement on your website or blog.

It will not stop the work being used stolen, however watermarks and statements help discourage some theft.

Copyright ©

I include copyright in my metadata. If I Upload to Facebook, it comes up with the title. Metadata can stripped out, but it is published all the same and is visible

see this link

Ensure you include © and the wording copyright, your name/business or both, whatever suits you, here’s mine as an example.

Copyright © ArtyAnge

The tools are available in Photoshop and Lightroom.

I use Lightroom for my watermarks.

On another note – Adobe Subscription

Take note about Adobe, they have gone for subscription of their software, no more discs, you pay monthly instead to get you updates etc.

If you already have bought discs you do not have to subscribe unless you want the updates that software.

Well there is always open sourceGimp – the free alternative


Thank you for stopping by and watermark your work today !

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