Black Clough Waterfall in Mono

Black Clough Waterfall in Mono

Black Clough Recky (I)

Black Clough Waterfall

 I thought I would do a mono conversion from a colour photograph in portrait, as opposed to landscape orientation.

I had originally bracketed two set of three lots of exposures (i.e. 6 exposures) and tried to HDR merge them all in photomatix. I was not happy with the outcome, the overblown highlights are a pain. I used three exposures instead, which included the zero balance and 2 darker exposures (shorter time), knowing I could play around with the shadows/highlights whilst post editing. I still carried out the HDR merge in photomatix, did some editing in Lightroom 4 and then the dodge and burn stuff in CS6  – including the B&W conversion with warming filter, to create this interesting mono.

Key words amiss

Finding key words on the my previous post for the colour landscape of this waterfall was not easy.

I have a keyword generator and it could not find one key word for Black Clough Waterfall, so back to the usual and think for myself keywords.

Dodgy Related Posts

Not only that, the word Clough, seems to name famous footballers and managers like the late Brian Clough ex manager of Derby County, Middlesborough and his last team Nottingham Forest. His son Nigel Clough ex player at Nottingham Forest is now a manager. How did Emlyn Hughes appear in the WordPress search for related posts I do not know? I remember him more from a TV series  A Question of Sport than playing for Liverpool, and Neil Clough from The Apprentice – blooming eck – where does it end? (UK residents will know who I am talking about, I  apologise to my followers from around the world)

More to the point no Black Clough Waterfall.. how odd?

Thank you for calling in today 😉

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