Heather and Hawthorn

Heather and Hawthorn

Landscape Photography

Heather and a hawthorn tree located in Lawrence Field at Surprise View near Hathersage. My first outing with the 17-40mm L USM, sussing it out.

I have thought long and hard about buying this lens. I had to bite the bullet after hearing so many positive reviews, and I researched it online several times over. Even before my 17-85mm IS USM had a nervous breakdown in Hastings, I was wanton, well I covet no more… she says…thinking about expensive filters.

I am impressed with the quality of this lens, and found it odd not to have the IS on off switch as I am used to seeing on my other lenses. Apparently it was pointed out to me that it shouldn’t need such a thing as IS, the lens is small and light enough to manage without. For me, I use a tripod more often than not, therefore no need for it anyway. It is reasonably light, fits nicely into your hand, the lack of noise when focusing, feels very solid and not light and flimsy. It does however feel heavier than my camera body

The picture quality, even on my crop frame 550d, had very little chromatic aberration. There was some barrel distortion at the wide-angle 17mm, which I had expected, however, corrected in LR4.

I also used a Hoya circular polarsier. I was surprised, it allowed more light in than I expected, even after moving it around here and there.

Photographed just before sunset, I bracketed my shots and picked the best one to tinker with, not too overblown on the highlights and not too dark in the shadows ;). I used a graduated filter in LR4 to help with the highlights and contrast.

I love the fact the heather is nicely flowering in varying shades of purple and lilac, which contrast against the green grass. The sky was perfect having a some interesting clouds, those little fluffy ones especially. There is hint of golden light reflecting of the hawthorn’s foliage. I utilised the rule of thirds in more ways than one for the composition of this picture.

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