Edge Horizon

Edge Horizon

Landscape Photography

Edge Horizon

I struggled to find a name for this image. I heard someone say ‘I can see my house from here’, whilst pottering along this dramatic cliff edge that is Stanage, which drops over to the Hathersage Moor and looks beyond to the Valley of Hope. I momentarily thought it was funny alas it did not suit the drama of the cumulus clouds. This title was ruled out for sure.

A suggestion of Event Horizon; although it is dramatic I felt it did not call for this title, fear it would create a black hole and then swallow it up.

I love the way the rocks have lined up to lead you over the edge. Note the odd rock that has a face of a whale with its head popping above the stones. It is a quirky feature, and I wanted it in the frame. The clouds have great volume and contrast strongly against the sky, and are billowing over to the Hope Valley and Edale skyline on the horizon.

I have removed an imposter who kept loitering in the skies with his para-glider. These clouds are perfect for thermal lift and he stayed up for most of the afternoon. I thought he was a bit cocky gliding into the limelight, so I resorted to the ‘murder weapon of choice’ – the rectangular marquee and content aware to get rid of him when I returned home to my computer and CS6.

Thank you for popping in today 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Edge Horizon

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  1. I don’t know why but I am always surprised when I am so intrigued with a black and white photo. Great shot and expression of what this photo meant to you. Thank you for sharing it and as always I am inspired by your work. -Max-

    1. thank you max, sometimes i struggle to have the right image for conversion to B&W, as colour can lead the image. However, I hope i have got it right, and as I went out to capture the mood, I wanted to get the clouds with the landscape, these images could only warrrant B&W for me at least, thanks again max

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