Cawfield Crags

Cawfield Crags

Landscape Photography

Cawfield Crags

Cawfield Crags is a ridge of hills undulating across the Northumberland and Durham landscapes. It was wonderfully peaceful as we arrived at the Cawfield Quarry car park. The cloud was lying low and it did not look like it was going to clear. However the sun was starting to burn through the clouds  as the golden hour was coming to an end. The shadows were defining the hills and capturing the heavy dew on the grass.

The wall is a historical monument know as Hadrian’s Wall, commissioned by Hadrian the Roman emperor who visited us wee Brits in 122AD . The wall is and 84 mile fortress stretching from Maryport in Cumbria to Wallsend on Tyneside in the North East of England, keeping out the marauding Scottish Picts, and to establish his rule. However the roman soldiers and the locals on either side of this wall had formed trading links over time. This evidence is documented from the Vindolanda fort.

The fence is for protection against the bulls that were breakfasting in the field to our right. We were greeted by the father and sons, I took off my red hat and we took the route around the back of Milecastle 42, which was just a couple of yards away.

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