Sunrise on the River Wear

Sunrise on the River Wear


golden hour on the wear

The lesser spotted Dad known as a ”Jacky – red cap” fishing on the River Wear in Durham City. Just down from what was Milburngate Centre (now known as the Gates), on the same side of the river where they have recently demolished the ice rink. Many a scabby ankle from the blue ‘death wellies’ ice boots were gained in that rink.

The river bank is teaming with rampant invasive weed Himalayan Balsam.

This was a most wonderful occasion as it is rare that I have times like these with my dad; and here we were soon after sunrise, me taking pictures and he fishing for trout with a worm of all things. This photograph was taken in September, where I took time to spend with my folks.

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4 thoughts on “Sunrise on the River Wear

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  1. Lovely picture – but you do that. I’m beginning to suspect that part of the mystique you manage to invest in all your photos, is to do with the fact that you get up at such unearthly hours! Sunrise, what’s that?

    PS Did your Dad catch anything?
    PPS Lovely Himalayan Balsam!

    1. the worms were to heavy and the river too shallow, but he went back a week later and was more successful, gosh I rarely get to do sunrises, as either off to work or catching up on sleep, alarm clocks were at the ready that day 🙂

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