Guitar in Black and White

Guitar in Black and White


Reub Guitar IIIDeco Model by Reub Guitars

Handcrafted by Reuben Gregory and made in Sheffield.

Hand crafted acoustic guitar known as the Deco Model. The rose sound hole having an unusual design. A scoop cut-away as opposed to the standard cut away; to reach the lower end of the fret board.

Reub has made another guitar, his prototype. To see please follow the link to my Flickr here. They are beautiful even if I am biased; they sound wonderful too.

Photographed using natural light with macro lens 100mm F2.8 L USM. The shadows  from the cherry tree outside my room, has created mood.

Thanks for calling in today 😀

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6 thoughts on “Guitar in Black and White

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  1. The prototype looks great – It’s nylon strung, I’m guessing.
    Quite beyond my arthriticy old fingers these days, I sorry to say.
    I’d love to hear what it sounds like though.

    1. Hi David, this post the Deco Model and itis for is for sale. The prototype in flickr is normal cut-away – both are steel string acoustics and the Deco is elxir, and the protytpe is martin strings. Reub will be recording the deco model soon and will be available on his blog/you tube/web site soon.
      Thank you for the interest,if you know anyone who can play and got some cash, (it comes with a brand new hiscox box)…

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