Windy Brincliffe Edge Woods

Windy Brincliffe Edge Woods

Landscape Photography

Windy Brincliffe Edge Woods

A long exposure of wind-blown trees in Brincliffe Edge Woods in Sheffield.

artyange photography


9 thoughts on “Windy Brincliffe Edge Woods

  1. Very atmospheric – There’s a bit in Sleeping Beauty – the story not the Disney movie – where the guy is struggling through the storm and lost in the woods. If you go here again to take more pics and you come to a sort of castle – don’t pick the roses!

  2. Great photograph! What an interesting way to bring atmosphere to the shot and nicely delivered in B&W. 🙂

    1. Thanks Nigel, long exposure shots are not exclusive to water, so thought about the wind and took a stroll up the Edge see what I could come up with. More exploitation I think, weather pending 😀

    1. Thank you Reubs, i was hoping to get that, but there needed to be less sunlight. That i may do another day with birght torch light..fancy a wander some evening?

      1. Provided we are not in the cold for long 🙂

        1. you need to man up and wear more layers xxxx

    1. found this one in the spam box?? how odd! how spooky!

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