Grape-Like Fungi

Grape-Like Fungi

Macro Photography

Fungi Grapes!

I have absolutely no idea, but if anyone can name this fungi, I will be most grateful.

It was growing on the underside of an oak tree branch, on my second recky to Black Clough Waterfall. Right next to this crop looks like some sort of brown slime mould. I also think it looks like some sort of weird eggs, in that case it may not be fungi.

Even my little book of mushrooms and the answer to almost everything Google do not have a match 😦

I did not touch it, fear the fruiting bodies eject their contents on me and my camera, they are about 5mm in diameter and not greater, and lilac/gray with marbled with white veins.

artyange photography


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  1. Reply from Wild About Britain:

    Hi David,

    Not a fungus but a myxomycete. – Almost certainly Badhamia utricularis.

    Generally found growing in this pendant fashion, on the well decomposed fruitbodies of bracket fungi.


    So now you know! – but at least it gives you something to look up on Google if you want to know more.

    Sounds like a Heavy Metal pop group to me – Bad Hammer – I might search YouTube and see if they’ve released anything new lately.

    PS In amongst all the technicalities I forgot to say – that’s a nice picture – by the way.

    1. Hey David, thank you sooo much, now i will have to look myxomycete in wiki via google; that is just amazing, i was not sure whether it was fungus or not.:D, I pass on my thanks to the complimentary about me pic 😀

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