Durham Lumiere Sanctuary

Durham Lumiere



Sarah Blood Sanctuary

This exhibit by Sarah Blood was in the grounds of St Oswald’s Church on South Road, down from the University, heading back into the city centre.

The birdhouses were accompanied by humans imitating birdsong. This was truly magical, as some of the mimicry was indeterminable from real birdsong. The atmosphere of the church yard gave a sense of peace, as this is night-time, and hearing birdsong at night was rather calming. Imagine if you are alone in a grave yard at night and hear birdsong…!

I was approached by Sarah who inquired about how I was achieving the exposures of the birdhouses. I explained to her what I was trying to do, and she asked if was able to send her some pictures of what I have done. I have sent her about three, as emailing them can be a trifle hard to do.


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4 thoughts on “Durham Lumiere Sanctuary

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  1. What a nice idea to combine the imitation bird boxes with imitation bird song – and at a time when any sensible real bird would be tucked up in real bird box.
    PS I was going to say what good pictures etc. – but Reuben said it – I agree with him all the more for having read his background info.

    1. cheers David, yes tucked up they would be, unless you are an owl, i did not hear any owls twittering away, i’m not sure a human interpretattion of an owl would sound convincing!

  2. (Couldn’t comment on the picture I wanted to for some reason. It wouldn’t let me, so posted here instead.) This shot is really good. Specially when considering these factors. It was really dark in this grave yard and really could only see these glowing bird boxes. Also there were a lot of people wandering about, This was a perfectly timed shot where it avoided these people. And to get some more colour into this pic, with the leaves, trees and grave stones, I think you did a cracking job there. Well done Ange! Good one 🙂

    1. Hi reuben, i assume you mean the trees, with the boxes peeping through. You can comment on the individual pictures, in the gallery on each image there shoudl be a comments box, but you must be already logged into wordpress. thank you for your kind words 😀

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