New Year Fireworks

New Year Fireworks

Night Time Photography

Fireworks Over Sheffield 2014

These were taken a short while after midnight News Eve, so technically it is 2014!

I had not decided on what I wanted to do to end 2013. I felt rather flat after getting home from work, but you know how it is, there is a pressure to celebrate the ending of one year and having hopes an aspirations of the new. To try and uplift my spirits my partner suggested that we go up to Bole Hill Recreational Ground in Crooksmoor, and view the fireworks around the city.

We overlooked the Rivelin side of the park, knowing in my heart we were better off looking back towards Hillsborough and the town. I spent ages setting up, with wind and a bit of rain, we waited for the huge displays that we hoped would ‘erupt like Beirut’ (We are children of the seventies and eighties so Beirut was a common analogy for big explosions in our day).

I wanted to capture the expanse of the city with fireworks popping off here and there, the composition looked a mess. I was lucky to get a few key shots. However, with some serious cropping my patience has paid off.Β  So here are my few of not very much fireworks…..incidentally my first attempts at serious pyrotechnic photography


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Well it is the new year and I want to begin with positivity , and I would like to wish my family, friends, and all my WordPress followers a Happy 2014, and most of all my partner Reuben πŸ˜€


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  1. Hey! These are really good Ange. They turned out pretty well you know. And for a first time effort and experience – you should pat yourself on the back. Dont be so hard on yourself. xxx

    1. thanks Reuben, sorry for the huffing and puffing when you were pointing things out to me, but that’s because I wanted to get the shot in. we will open the champs later, as we did not do that at midnight….:D

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