Orion at Surprise View

Orion at Surprise View

Night Time Photography

Orion at Surprise View

Orion, in full glory facing south  at Surprise View, with Taurus constellation in the top right, Sirius near the bottom left of the sky. Look how Betelgeuse looks orange as this is now in our time a red giant.  Orion is visible, with its belt and sword and brightest object Rigel, despite the brightness of the half moon.


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  1. Hi Ange – meant to leave this last time but I couldn’t find it. Two or three years ago, when The Dog was still a puppy, she needed comfort breaks more often and we lived in the middle of a village. So around eight o’clock we used to wander up the road to a small ‘village green’ and I would stand and wait until she remembered what we had come for. That winter, Orion was just rising about that time and Venus, acting as the evening star, was just setting, standing there in the freezing cold – I (mentally) wrote this.

    Hope you like it.

    The Huntsman

    The Hunter strides upon his way, his sword by his side
    Following, following, following with every stride
    Westward ever westward but he seeks no game
    Still the thrill of the hunt is on him just the same
    This Game he plays with a Lady, beautiful and serene
    She knows he follows after and makes sure that she is seen
    She beckons him on with her eyes but every time he nears,
    because she is a Lady, she turns and disappears.

    1. Thank you, what a lovely poem, if i manage to get some more stars in the near future, may I use this with your permission – and named of course? I am glad you are are still going to blog, will look very much foarward to your next installment! we will we get to see the mysterious dog in the future?

      1. Glad you like it – Thank you very much, of course you can.
        The Dog gets very grumpy when I try to take her picture and usually turns her back on me – but I do keep trying, she’s a bit of a Prima Donna.

  2. Lovely, Ange!
    He’s stamping around waving his arms outside our bedroom window most nights, at the moment. At first I thought we’d said something to upset him – but now I think he’s just doing it to keep warm. – Nice that you had such a clear night for it. Was that a long exposure? Do you use an equatorial mount on the tripod?

    1. It was a 10 or 15 second exposure yes on a tripod, can’t do with this with out one. I love Orion, I see it quite well down here in Sheffield, even in our street or from my attic which is just a mile from the city centre. Surprise View has milky way class dark sky status, so lots of stuff can been seen very well here, but not as good as Kielder (must visit sometime soon). The car park is located on very busy road…so it can be very busy. Thanks again for your continued support (it is not a great shot by all means).

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