Burbage Brook

Burbage Brook

Landscape Photography

Mystical Burbage Brook Landscape

A nice long exposure of Burbage Brook, the river that runs through Padley Gorge in the Peak District National Park, near Sheffield.

Today I was up early enough and it was overcast; ideal conditions for long exposure. I used my circular polariser and cable release to set the time. I left infra-red remote at home, lucky I packed my cable release into my camera bag. I also packed my trusty flask of coffee, which is welcome winter warmer when sitting around in cold and damp conditions. Alas it is January, and would not have expected full colour as you can see. Where is our snow!

I used the live view setting on the camera, auto-focus to set up before switching to manual focus. My aperture set f11, and set the timer to 2 minutes, with 1 second interval – which knocks 1 second of the time for some reason, so 119 second exposure was achieved.I checked the histogram during the shoot to make sure I achieved a good exposure, so no flashing highlights on the playback.

Not long after I started and got settled the rain began. I had a freezer bag cut open at the sealed end. I used a thin elasticated hair band to affix the bag front of the lens then attached the lens hood, taking care not allow any plastic to float in front of the lens. There was enough coverage over the camera body and for me to use any settings.It did not affect the focusing as this particular lens (EF f/4L 17-40mm USM) rotating ring is not the front element. I could still access the AF and the MF easily on the outside of the bag. A very basic emergency wet weather protection kit for short spell. I wouldn’t recommend this specifically for wet weather, but while you are out and have set up it was useful for around 15 minutes or so. The lens is quite robust, however the camera body is not.

I carried out my post processing in Lightroom; tweaking the colours, highlights, whites, shadows and blacks. I removed noise and sharpened up.

Thanks for calling in today, and the rain has stopped I may go out again….!


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    1. Thank you Paul, I don’t know why but I love this type of photography, I think the rivers have wonderous sound of peace even when it is fast flowing. the faster the river flows, and lots of rocks for tumbimg waters, the easier it is to get these results. I recommend anyone to have a go at this type of photgraphy. There is some technical bits to watch for, if you use 3 stop ND filter or Big Lee stopper you have set up the shot before you put them on and then figure out the time – which for me mathematically is a pain, once you are in bulb mode experiment with the time, so go for a minute etc but check the histogram for blown out highlights and/or under exposure. I used a circular polariser so I did the shot straight without having to take it off. Thank you for your kind comments. very much appreciated, I look forwwrd to seeing some water works from you. 🙂

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