Crowden’s Back Garden

Crowden’s Back Garden

Landscape Photography

Crowden's Back Garden

Crowden lies along the A628 Woodhead Pass and can be accessed from the North of Sheffield via the A61 to Penistone, joining the A616 to Holmfirth before taking the turning to A628 to Manchester. This is not the only route, you can do it via the A57 from Sheffield and then get to Glossop, take the B6105 to Crowden crossing Woodhead Reservoir and then take the nasty turn left at the top of that hill onto the Woodhead Pass. A few hundred yards the campsite is on your right, note it is only properly sign posted from the Manchester to Sheffield route. There are lots of ways, however these were the ones we took on route and on the way home respectively.

The car park and campsite are just at the end of Woodhead Reservoir and at the start of Torside Reservoir. I took this walk with my good friend Rob; who is not a photographer but happy to tag along, and admire the views.

This walk was quite some, I expected some steep bits, and yes there were steep bits. I was wearing too many layers expecting it to be very cold, well that left me red-faced, even more to the point I am a little out of shape and can never pace my breathing, so I was out of breath…………and red faced…..Rob does not get out of breath…..hmmph.

Route and Features

The route is taken from the car park and just past the toilet block, and then bear left at he cross roads and through the gate, keeping the farm on your right. Follow the road round to right and up the hill, then a sign post with three fingers displaying Pennine Way; our guide-book said take the one to Black Hill, we had to make an educated guess, the arrow pointing north and to our right, and not straight on or ‘reversing’ back down to the campsite. This location is not too far away from another waterfall – Black Clough.

Finally we got to the feature I was really after, the Oaken Clough Brook Waterfall. I took a handful of photos, and will display results in another posts later. This was roughly 2 miles into the ascent; a good hot coffee from the trusty flask to help recuperate. We continued, and the climb was getting steeper. The air temperature dropped and the wind picked up a little. We got to point just beyond Laddow Rocks, roughly 3 miles into the 8.7mile circular walk and soaked up the view.

There was some mist on the horizon looking back towards the Edale skyline on the right hand side of the picture. The view straight ahead is towards Bleaklow, and you can just make out the body of water on the left – a section of Woodhead Reservoir. The Great Crowden Brook is meandering towards it on the left. We decided not to go the summit of Black Hill on Sunday, so after a few photo’s and a coffee we headed back down the jaunty rocks to Crowden


What I liked about this scene; starting in the foreground is the little stream, the soft heather and grass blown by the wind, followed by the hills sloping from right to left with cut quarried edges, which brings you to the body of water before moving along to the horizon and the misty hills in the distance on the right, and then to the clouds forming a bit of an arc and having some mood, with some subtle sunlight rays. The scene has mood, foreground and middle ground leading lines and hills in silhouette. The clouds have created some drama, balancing the diagonals of the hills and it looked wonderful, and was worth every breath.


Canon 550d, EF 17-40mm F4 L USM lens; Hoya Circular polariser slim frame, P121 S Cokin Graduated filter

Thanks for calling in today 🙂


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    1. Thank you David, it was a good day and the light was forever changing, i was pleased with the coulds on this picture, i used some grad filters and did some more stuff in post edit to emphasise them. Thanks again for all your recent comments 🙂

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