View to Crowden and Bleaklow

View to Crowden and Bleaklow

Landscape Photography

View to Crowden and Bleaklow

Another view to Crowden, from the Pennine Way, en route to Black Hill. This view encompasses the Great Crowden Brook in the valley leading down to Woodhead and Torside Reservoirs in the High Peak.

Great Crowden Brook cuts through a valley of grooves and edges created by glacier or quarrying. These draw you in following the river down to the body of water, creating some depth to the picture. The hills in the horizon are of Bleaklow, a summit on the opposing valley. The clouds have mood and have shadowed Bleaklow on the horizon.

The Peak District National Park is on the doorstep to Sheffield and Manchester is mainly made up of hills above 1000 feet.

The highest peaks of which is Kinder Scout at a 2,087 feet above sea level, followed by Bleaklow at 2,077 feet; officially these are mountains as they are above 2,000 feet.

The Scottish have 282 mountains above 3000 feet. Scotland class mountains as being above 3000 feet and these are known as Munro’s after  Sir Hugh Munro. I must say, I have not any Scottish landscapes, and is on my bucket list to do, must avoid the summer months as the midge will get you….


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  1. Lovely shot in fact excellent. I liken your info/blurb on the image. Hope you do get up to my part of the world the scenery is superb. Never mind the midges, just keep away from moors and water at dusk. There are such things as midge repellents 🙂

    1. Thanks Walter, very much appreciate your comments, the best time to shoot is usually in the dawn/dusk for the light releclections etc, which i must say, when not working, tend to lie in a little too long; and regret it for te dawn shots. then i usually do my procrastination before sunsets, and leave it a little too late sometimes.
      yes midge repellants…and a body mossie net as well I think. It is geting my other half to appreciate walking and me with camera, not his favourite thing to do. Yes i think Scotland will be on a list for this year or maybe next..!

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