Waterfall at Oaken Clough

Waterfall at Oaken Clough

Landscape Photography

Oaken Clough Falls

The walk to Black Hill was a prerequisite for hunting out a waterfall – Oaken Clough. This cuts the Pennine Way path from Crowden to Black Hill and was a welcome respite break. This was a chance to have look at the landscape and find a couple of spots to set up the camera. The Oaken Clough is a tributary into the Great Crowden Brook, pictured in my earlier post.

This may not be the best shot I have taken of a waterfall, too much stone in the foreground for my liking, so will go better prepared on the future walk, and have a little more time to set up.

My friend Rob tells my I was mistaken for a man having gone for a wee by some walkers passing above where I was set up. He explained I was a woman and was taking photographs. Well I must get some pink outfits to make sure I am not mistaken for a man again, and wear a tight corset to pull my waist in even further for my hiking gear does not distinguish gender; but having a discrete wee, I have a bladder of steel;)

Clough is an old English term of Germanic origin (Klinge) for steep valley or ravine, and pronounced cluff. These Cloughs seem to hang out a lot in the peak district. Not forgetting Black Clough which is on the other side of Woodhead reservoir.


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    1. aah, it not technical it is just composition, i new this was not the best composed image, due to too many rocks in the foreground, i need some decent footwear this was a precarious place to photograph, and i would have benefited mnore if i could have stood in the water. 🙂 This was just a taster for starters, when i can summon the energy to climb back up there and get passed this weather..:?

      1. I’ve fallen in rivers trying to get a good shot before – last time I landed on my back in a deep pool, trying to keep the camera out of the water – Jackie just stood on the bank laughing her head off – I was dripping wet and she made me stand around in the freezing wind while she put a plastic bag on the car seat – because she didn’t want it to get wet.
        Sometimes sympathy is hard to come by!

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