Lamb Hill Wood Cascade 1

Lamb Hill Wood Cascade 1

Landscape Photography

Lamb Hill Wood Cascade 1

This particular cascade is quite gentle, and I had a lot more room to work. It was my first stop on my little expedition for the trial shots for the big stopper’s first day out, after waiting since Christmas for all the bits of the jigsaw to come together. The patience of saint…!

This was a staggering 8 minute exposure, ISO setting on 100. The sun had not moved around to spoil the fun, and it was still a little overcast. Perfect. I am amazed at this lengthy exposure, and I am still flawed by the lack of grains and dust. These would have shown up on 8 minutes even set at this f11 aperture. I drank two cups from my flask, watched a few people walk by over the bridge, during the exposure.

I explained in today’s first post about the cable remote and how I set it up. I like to move away from the tripod and camera and the 5 second delay plus the automatic 10 seconds delay on the timer remote setting in – camera gives you that time to set the remote down safely and step away, so you can have a snack or a drink. Especially waiting around for 8 minutes to pass, clock watching is a bit boring.

Here is black and white conversion of another 8 minute shot using the blue filter setting and square crop in Lightroom.

Lamb Hill Wood Cascade 1Thank you for stopping by today 🙂


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