Edale 2


Landscape Photography

Golden Clough

Another long exposure, before the sun got round in full glare of Golden Clough – a little piece of it anyway. It is a steep Clough, and a path runs along it, so I could not stay there for long as people wanted to traverse the climb. I managed to get a snippet of the fall with a 4.5 minute exposure. This part is just before the bridge. I took some beyond the bridge, near where it joins Grinds Brook. The light played havoc with the final exposures and I will return on a dull day and take some more.


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      1. My query wasn’t to do with spelling – I was surprised to see an exposure that long …. 4.5 seconds in poorish light yes. When I do my inside stuff I rarely hit 30 seconds at quite small apertures at iso 100.

        1. Hi Steve, I invested some xmas and birthday money in the Lee Big Stopper, hence the very long exposure. I was pleased with the outcome, as made sure the there would be no over blown highlights, and the shot was taken in the shade. To be really honest I was expecting more cloud on the day, the sun kept up all day, over s yorks and derbyshire, a weather event in itself. Thank you again. the exif data, f11, iso100, at 20mm focal, 280seconds.

        2. Ah ha!
          All becomes clear!
          I can see it’s a new toy to add to my wish list.
          As a matter of interest, is it a glass filter or one of those ‘orrible plastic/resin things? I have a few lee ND grads – I didn’t realise how soft they were so didn’t treat them with the respect they needed (my fault, I’m sure), so now they are scratched so badly that they are pretty unusuable at small apertures (combination of salt and sand getting on them and not being cleaned properly).

        3. Hi Steve, the Big Stopper is glass, and has a foam seal at the back, which you fit directly to the first holder nearest to the lens, stops light leaking and use a piece of blue tack on your eye pice if you haven’t a cover. Incidently i have a b&w uv filter screwed onto the lens. I have also a set of lee nd grads, for the price they are the resin ones, and because they are on expensive side, you tend naturally to be more careful. These are 150cm long so they are longer than the holder, which allows you to play. I am also purchasing a square circluar polariser, must be fitted in front of resin filters (so I have read by Lee), rather than rotate the holder you rotate the glass instead at 90’C, this gets round having the polariser in front of the resin grads, and trying to turn that keeping your grads in place, Lee also say, in front of the resin so it filters correctly. Will probably post up something about that later, once had a chance to play. This square glass is cheaper than buying the additional holder ring and the round CPL by Lee. (or a B&W which is even more expensive, did alot or reading up as the Lee circular polariser has to set at the last or furthest away from th lens, and lots of peopel complain too much vignetting, especially when the want to use the widest angle, and is worse on a crop frame camera – like mine – that can be overcome by pulling in with the zoom, but then you lose the widest angle, at 17mm on a crop is around 24mm equivalent on full frame). i do recommend the Lee, after using cokin ( which I sold recently on ebay – and it was the cheaper grad series, rather than the z series); the difference is notocable, i amend the noise reduction in lightroom, as the longer you get to expose, the more colour noise you make, and rather than set the camera up for noise redection – the time it would take – would be an eon. don’t be fooled by color cast on Lee, there is a cool cast on the big stopper, again, messing with white balance i post editing, depends on what you like. so get one, the foundation kit is relatively cheap – and use WEX photographic. Lee’ website is worth a look, as ti alos explains vignetting on crop and full frame, gosh i supposed to be getting ready for work…

        4. Thanks for the comprehensive! Very grateful.
          My grads are the long lee ones.
          Can I presume you are using a cropped sensor lens, as opposed to a full frame one – I’d have thought you would be okay with vignetting otherwise .(rhetorical).
          I do have a Lee glass ND but I think it’s onlyl a 3 stop – I haven’t used it much.
          Do you notice much degradation with all that glass in front of the lens – I usualy try to keep to just one – either/or..
          I hope your day went well. (My camera only does 30sec exposure as a max, I don’t think I would like to use much more than that – the sensor is pretty noisy by today’s standards, – I never use it higher than ISO 400 unless I’m despetate to record ‘evidence’ of some sort.

        5. Yes i have 550d – which os a crop frame, and the lens I use for the wide angles 17-40mm has a little distortion as expected, corrected in Lightroom, although i am still experimenting with mine, i would say little degredation at the moment; have used a grad with the stopper, i would say very little there too. my kit looks like B&w mrc f-pro for the UV (dare not risk it without one), then attached the holder, then stopper and / or grad, i have popped my third spacer on the holder for the polariser if i need to use with two grads….

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