Cutie following

Do WordPress condone Cutie bloggers?

WordPress the wonderful world of free speech, photo sharing, poetry, art etc etc….. and cuties??????

I am dismayed that I have two new followers today, the cutie brigade – obviously they must have mistakenly followed my blog. Why would I want young South American girls following me? I checked what the gravitars were about, and left me quite angry as it was obvious from that  they expect you view their photo gallery of themselves? Tragic state of affairs…

There are obvious connotations of the Cuties, the use of the word and its underlying meaning. 

However I think WordPress should monitor what people are using the their blog platform for. Young girls or is are they young girls are offering themselves on plate (or is there more sinister things going on)?

I am also amazed of the type of spam the filter is picking up of late, the internet is a cause for concern.

The worst thing is I cannot block these types of people, as there appears to be no function to do so. The best thing to do is blog about it, please ban the cutie brigade, I joined this blog site to share my photos and experiences and to take inspiration from this wonderful community. However democratic the world may be, and diverse the internet is; to find a blogging platform allowing some sort of online prostitution is a little unnerving and extremely worrying……





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