Hawthorn Awaits

Hawthorn Awaits

Landscape Photography

Hawthorn Awaits

From my previous post which purely text and not so convivial about people who follow for the wrong reasons, I’ll stick to what I know best.

A day of indecision after morning chores and hoping the weather would hold. I gathered up my bag and tripod, put on my walking gear and filled my flask. I am trying out my new polariser and ND 0.9 soft grad; a hawthorn tree awaits the return of spring by Burbage Brook, near Padley Gorge.

I am very pleased with recent purchases, and I assure they are worth every penny. Lee filters are simply wonderful. Using both graduated filter and the square polariser in front of the grad, ensuring the sun was behind, I kept the polariser correct with writing facing away from the lens, and in it’s normal position. This was the result I had hoped for, the deepening of the sky blues, whilst the clear end of the grad keeps the foreground. There was no vignetting from stacking the filters, if there were it was miniscule. My lens 17-40mm f4 L USM does have some distortion, more so on a crop frame camera like mine, just used the software to remove that and a little chromatic aberration.

The lichen was not overblown, but a little too bright for me on the stones in the foreground, I introduced a burn, using the brush tool in Lightroom and added a little cosmetic vignetting.


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