Macro Photography

A Touch of Spring

A Touch of Spring, daffodils are the sign that spring is truly it is on its way. The daffodils were kindly donated from my neighbour and friend Pete.

Photographed against a black background for good colour contrast. I set my camera up using tungsten setting, as these daffodils were shot indoors; thus retaining the yellow to represent the true colour of the flowers. Keeping the daffodil in focus I ensured I took the shot further away than being up close, using an aperture of f11 to keep plenty detail on the main flower, and the flowers behind are distanced well enough to create a little bokeh (pardon the pun!), and I cropped using 16:9 ratio and the rule of thirds to draw in the eye to the main flower. Sometimes it is nice to square crop flowers, however, I find it a little more creative using other aspects.


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