Opposing Surprise View

Opposing Surprise View

Landscape Photography

Opposing Surprise View

Well, it was a puzzle to title this picture, a view looking out from the Longshaw Estate grounds towards Mother Cap on the left of the horizon, Higger Tor and Carl Wark on the right. I can never tell the Tor from the Wark (doh!)

Surprise View is a car park no less (which is probably out of view behind the thicket of trees). When you look out from it you can make out the Hall on the opposite side of the valley which is the Longshaw Estate where I am stood, hence Opposing Surprise View. I had to shoot from the hip – no tripod, no time for all that malarkey….


2 thoughts on “Opposing Surprise View

  1. Love that sky – never mind which hill is which

    1. 😀 thanks David, i was filling up some writing space! maybe i will not try so hard next time..:D

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