Upper Derwent Valley

Upper Derwent Valley

Landscape Photography

Upper Derwent Valley

I got up relatively early I and knew it was going to be a challenging day; it was windy and super bright when I got to the Upper Derwent Valley soon after 8am on this particular Sunday morning.

Derwent Reservoir, the middle body of water of the three reservoirs in the Upper Derwent Valley. Howden is the most northerly and Ladybower is at the southern end, situated by the A57 trunk road Sheffield to Manchester. The Derwent has a history with Squadron 617 for practising low level flying in preparation for Rurh Valley raids – the Dam Busters of 1943. Sorry I didn’t spot any fighter bombers for this scene….only this tree!

I took a walk from Fairholmes car park and followed my nose, as it were, and then I spotted this awkward looking tree on the shore line of the reservoir. I wondered if the scene would work? I set up eagerly with the graduated filter 0.9ND  and the polariser, I waited until the sun was behind me enough for the manipulation effects of the polariser to work on the clouds.

In the distance is Howden Dam, holding back 100% capacity of water. Meanwhile Derwent was 82% capacity and Ladybower at 96%. No hose pipe bans this year…..

So what do you think of the tree?


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    1. Hi David, thank you, I have been busy, and reogarnising my work space. We also had terrible tradegy with some neighbours nearly three weeks ago, in a terrible house fire which left me a little out of sorts for couple of weeks. I have not had chance to catch up on my favourite bloggers, so forgive me. I am on holiday soon, visiting Isle of Bute, so may have some work to process upon my return. Plus i needed a break from all this photographing business, recharge me batteries…! I will pop into the blogs later in the week. I hope you are well, and I look forward to catching up on your posts very soon.

      1. Hi Ange – Sorry to hear about the neighbours – a holiday sounds just the ticket – you can get back to just taking pictures without worrying to much about the photography. Sometimes we get so caught up with what we’re doing we don’t realise we’re digging ourselves a hole don’t we? You need a break and to get back to what it was that caught your interest in the first place.
        You concentrate on getting the washing and ironing up to date before you go – we’ll see you when you get back,
        Have a good break!

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