Isle of Bute Scalspie Bay

Isle of Bute

Scalpsie Bay

Landscape and Wildlife Photography

This My Rock

Scalpsie Bay on the west coast of the Isle of Bute was a treasure to visit. No sooner had we descended on to the beach from a precarious path down the flat shoreline, the seals were happy to come out and play. There were about half a dozen that came to pose for us and swim, blow raspberries and bask on the rocks. There are about 200 in the colony.

I must say I am not a wildlife photographer and I did struggle with the bright sunlight and the big telephoto lens, I had to play with the shadows etc to bring the detail out on the seals and do some major cropping to centralise them as the subject, they all looked a little lost at sea.

Thanks for calling in to my blog today 🙂


4 thoughts on “Isle of Bute Scalspie Bay

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  1. Love the way the seal looks as if he is carved out of the rock. I’m glad they sat still for you! I’ve got a feeling that wild life generally, doesn’t understand about photography.

    1. Yes he was the master of that rock, i am assuming it was a he, he turned his back and stayed that way most of the time, my favourite is raspery blower, blew rasperberries when other seals approached its little rock 🙂

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