Isle of Bute Rothesay Bay

Isle of Bute

Rothesay Bay

Landscape Photography

Rothesay Bay View III

A few shots of the wonderful view from Rothesay Bay. The clouds and weather have been a great feature and I hope to have done Rothesay some justice. I will certainly revisit Bute in the future.



6 thoughts on “Isle of Bute Rothesay Bay

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    1. Hi David, thank you very much, can you guess which one I have sold?? It is a lovely place and just dorgeous views. The ferry prices are due to come down in price, so it is worth popping over the firth of clyde!

      1. You’ve sold one? – Brilliant. But I couldn’t guess which – it depends what colour wall you’re going to hang it on I suppose. Art is such a personal thing, isn’t it?
        I know I did pick one as my favourite – but that was just me – because it reached out to me. But then, I suppose that’s why anyone buys anything, really.

        1. Yes, art is very personal, Rothesay Bay at Sunset was the one I sold, I hope whoever bought the print has a good place for it and I thank them very much for appreciating my work. Somebody I know on that site – FB, queried its composition as it didn’t follow the 2/3 sky or foreground rule. I replied to why and how I chose this particular arrangement, and my mam nearly caused WW3 😀 I too like the boat scene, however the colours are not as dramatic, I do have a couple with the sunset but need a little more work, however been busy in garden and the job that pays the rent etc etc…
          Thanks again David for your support 🙂

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