Cascade in Padley Gorge

Cascade in Padley Gorge

Landscape Photography

Burbage Brook Cascade

Having had a bit of dry spell, in more ways than one, the weather glorious when I am working, and not been out and about much, until this week, a whole week off to myself mostly.

I have pushed myself out of the door and went to my favourite place, Padley Gorge to take long exposure shots, my favourite technique.

I have also been reading about hyperfocal distance, as I have sometimes wonder why trying to keep much of the shot in focus, I have encountered blurred bits in the far distance and or the foreground. This is part of my learning curve….well, phone apps are useless in measuring distance, my tape measure merely 10ft long, and tape measures are bendy…Oh I did have fun. It was my second outing (second day on the trot) to Padley Gorge to get the results I was looking for. It was still mostly guess-work, but more informed.

Hyperfocal What????

Hyperfocal distance, is the calculated focal point (which is beyond your foreground subject and in front of your background subject) at which the foreground and background subject are all in focus when shooting at near infinity. I even tried the depth of field button on the first day what a tragedy…a 3inch screen makes it hard work. I did use a phone app to help with the hyperfocal point, which was a vital. I used a free app HyperFocal Pro from Google Play; there is another equally as good DOF Calculator.

Here is one of my favourites from my recent photo shoot, apart from sore legs from clambering up and down the rocky embankments and sitting on wet rocks, its was great, and a lot of wasted photos’ over the two days.




5 thoughts on “Cascade in Padley Gorge

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  1. Ha โ€“ the downside of modern lenses ‘No aperture ring’ because with one it is quick and easy, as you probably know.
    My new 35mm lens has given me some grief not having the ring, I have ended up focusing a third of the way into the scene which seems to be a good rule of thumb.

    Love the image, beautiful light.


    1. Hi David, so I am learning. I had a very short spell on slr so never got to understand fully that speciality in photography. Well it is all part of the learning curve which is great
      And thank you for the tip. ๐Ÿ™‚

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