Cascades Above Black Clough

Cascades Above Black Clough

Landscape Photography

Black Clough Cascades

My third day of being out and about from my previous two days out in Padley Gorge, and another location that involved climbing and traversing rocks. Today I used a walking cane, yes a walking cane, (I can hear everyone laughing), not one of those posh ski pole jobs that hikers use; mine was freebee so why not. I very much needed it, my legs were feeling it and I was worried I may tumble over and damage my gear.

I magically missed the climb down spot to get to Black Clough Waterfall. It was hidden by ferns and heather and other wild plants, not that they are cultivated much in the Peak District. I took several steps beyond and traversed a landslip and realised I was actually above the main fall. I thought ‘oh well’ and then I looked up and saw these wonderful series of cascades. Ah it was just magic. The wee heather and the ferns and the trees climbing off into the distance. The cascades looked awkward, they did not align themselves for me, I had to play around a little on the tripod. Lucky for me it was outside personal studio, part of the cascading rocks, I had a natural shelf to pop my bag with filters etc, and use it as part of foreground or stand the tripod on. I had not been in this spot, and very aware that the rocks are slippy underfoot. I was about 30ft away from the top of the main waterfall. I will go back soon to get the main fall. I was surprised there was not much water after recent downpours. We have had an extended weather break, one of best summers for years.

I tried to apply the hyperfocal rules again, maybe I tried to hard and was conscious of my surroundings and hearing ‘thunder’ expecting a deluge of water to come down the cascades which were actually the aeroplanes from Manchester Airport.

I waited until late afternoon, to go to this spot, in actual fact it is probably better to do this early morning just after sunrise at this time of year, the sun is more behind you rather than at the side, causing blown highlights, even filters cannot always work their magic.


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