Surprise View Interval Cloudscape

Surprise View Interval Landscape

Landscape Photography

Surprise View Interval Cloudscape

I was out and about in Derbyshire and the conditions were perfect for the use of circular polariser. This rock became a feature along with the clouds. After shooting a few pics and a long exposure I tried time lapsing with the clouds.

I read a recent article in Digital Camera (edition 154) about interval cloudscapes and I thought I’d give it a whirl. The results of my experiment are as above. I originally started the sequence with a 5 second delay between each frame for the first 10; then increased it to 15 for the last 20. I removed 2 frames as they affected the final photographic image.

These effects are different to a long exposure, more like a brush stroke effect. The long exposure is a smooth transition of time

Please click on this link HERE to see the video short of the clouds forming. Please select HD on the video player. Note I have kept 2 frames that were omitted from the photograph. Just a little bit of fun πŸ˜€

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3 thoughts on “Surprise View Interval Cloudscape

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  1. Hi Ange – very interesting – I went and had a look at the video, too. It was quite surprising to see just how few clouds had made up the picture. Yet the picture looks quite natural.
    PS I notice that the grass didn’t grow at all.

    1. Hi Max, thank you very much. I did a little work in lightroom first and export as jpegs. It was quite easy to get the image stacked using adobe bridge, then select the all the required images and import as layers back into CS6. The blending mode changed to lighten, and then messing around to the tones after that, has helped to create the final image. then use jpegs in movie maker to create the time lapse. have fun πŸ˜€

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