Damflask Reservoir Sunset

Damflask Reservoir Sunset

Landscape Photography

Sunset Colour

Damflask Reservoir Sunset


I almost left the reservoir after having poor light situation, and then I decided to stop by the Sheffield Viking Boating Club’s jetty, which is wonderfully lopsided – a bit wonky, not everything you see is in perfect alignment with a spirit level. All the more interesting.

The big stopper was placed after setting up the shot; before placing the filter I metered the scene at 1/10 of second. I tried a couple of exposures at 360 seconds and 270 seconds (6 minutes and 4.5 minutes). I took the plunge at 478 seconds – 7 minutes and 58 seconds.

As the sun was setting the sky was doing its thing and turning red, with the slow-moving clouds and the reflected light was being recorded. The mist was dropping over Lower Bradfield in the distance.

The camera set up on Landscape and white balance on Daylight. I used my intervolmeter to set the timer for 8 minutes, but forgot to take of the 2 second timer on the camera. The camera was also set to bulb mode after metering. For post editing I tweaked with the tones as there was quite a purple cast on the original RAW image. I lifted shadows, reduced noise and  ‘dodged about’ using Lightroom 4.

Thanks for calling in 🙂




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    1. Hi David, this is a little gem of a jetty, and has a lovely character, not much more than couple of meters long and just rests at the shore side with a bit of rope and tyre for a float. Even a little wonkiness has to be beheld. As much as the perfectionist likes total symmetry; I love this jetty’s defiance 🙂

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