A Quick Post of the Moon

A Quick Post of the Moon

Night Time Photography

Moon in Colour

I hunted for my 70-210mm lens, the biggest one I have and it is an antique almost. It is said for a crop frame camera, to photograph the moon a 300mm would be the best. My canon 550D has multiplication factor at x 1.6 for my sensor, which gives around 330mm overall magnification. The final image had rather a large crop to get a meaningful picture.

The moon was orange, my partner said to me that he was concerned it is the sign of a frost or a snow fall. Excited after much of search, for the lens as I hardly ever use it. I put my camera on a tripod in the garden;  set my aperture at 5.6, shutter at 1/320s, ISO set at 800. Auto-focussed in then switched to manual and used the timer on the camera.

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4 thoughts on “A Quick Post of the Moon

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  1. Great shot! I’ve tried to take this sort of photo – but I just can’t get it right! It seems to be better when there’s a bit of cloud, for some reason. My tripod is very flimsy so I have to pick a ten second delay then press the button and hope nothing moves.

    1. Hi David yes need a good sturdy tripod. Maybe weight it down with your bag. You need a good telephoto to get a close up this was severely cropped in the final image. Thanks again for your wonderful comments.

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