Back Lit Leaves

Back Lit Leaves

Macro Photography

Back Lit Leaves 2

I am having a rainy – day day today 🙂 I am experimenting with my macro lens and back-lighting leaves. I have not got a light box at the moment so I am experimenting with a make-shift set up. I found some recently fallen cherry tree leaves. Our road has several ornamental cherry trees, and the colours of the leaves are just lovely this time of year. As I like to look to things close up, I wanted to see the definition of the cells on the surface of the leaves. This technique is used a lot. I thought I would give it a go. I was also thinking if these were printed, to raise it inside a box frame on a black background and mount giving the appearance of stained mosaic glass as if there was a light shining from behind. Note I chose the leaves with holes and further spots of decay, for a more naturalistic feel, and not having a cosmetic and unnatural textures to the leaves. I like the way the seem to have landscape features as if they were viewed from a satellite.

I turned a square coffee table upside down, draped a throw over the legs and underside of the table and put a pane of glass on top of the legs, as they are square the pane will be stable.

Light Box Set Up

I attached an A3 piece of tracing paper underneath the pane, this is to diffuse the light. I set up a lamp with daylight LED of around 6000K. It was trauma looking around for a fluorescent bulb for a bedside table lamp. I thought in the back of my mind this floor lamp would come in useful of light painting effects on static objects. Any way the picture will explain little better of my relatively cheap and cheerful mock-up to perfect some techniques, in advance gaining a proper light box.


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