Seeded Allium Heads

Seeded Allium Heads

Macro Photography

Shallow Depth of Field

Seeded Allium III

Sometimes you just want to do something else, even if the weather looks a treat to go out and about. I bought a continuous light studio kit as a Christmas present to myself. Sounds a little self-indulgent, however I will have uses for it, and maybe someday try some portraiture. However, it was glorious outside, and I have stacks of sorting/editing to do from my visits to Minehead and Durham. Well its the Durham set that has to be finalised.

Today I almost contemplated in doing some water splash work and chickened out of it.I decided to get creative with my dried Allium heads, saved from garden when they went to seed after they flowered last summer. All home-grown from a mixed bulb pack and there were three varieties but I could not tell you which.

I used shallow depth of field. F5.6 or f6.3, Iso100 and remote shooting. My floor boars are so unstable one tiny movement and it is all a blur. The selected seed pods and the use of selective focus used in manual; and to make sure the depth of field was set to my liking I used the function on my camera. On live view it may look pin sharp on the focused subject, however using the DoF button shows you what will be in focus after the shutter is released. Very useful in this exercise.

For an artistic feel I converted the images into black and white in Lightroom.


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