Falls at High Force

Falls at High Force

Landscape Photography

High Force Waterfalls











January 2nd was proving to be a disaster for using wide-angle lens and being close to waterfalls.  We got to High Force and to the shoreline of the Tees, and my dad had me panicking as yet again he was tumbling around the rocks like weeble. How he did not injure himself I do not know. I think he forgot he had a walking stick to steady himself, instead it was flailing around in the air, I was too far away to help him, and being mindful of my footing, and resorted to shuffle bottoming the rocks (hilarious). I just set up just before another two photographers arrived. The spray was having its day, I can’t ask it to behave itself, it’s not portraiture…:).

We were pleased to see the water come down either side of the main fall which is about 90 feet high and unbroken. This time of year it tends to have more flood and can be more in force over the side falls. I decided after a few test shots there was far too much spray and mindful of the visit at Gibson’s Cave only short time earlier. I found another spot, but the highlights from the sky are a problem. I persevered, with minimal spray, bracket shot of 3 images in which post editing I created an HDR merge in Photomatix and used the enhanced setting natural +. It was not even 1100 hours, and the sun is low in the sky barely peeping above the rocks.

The other photographers decided to set up where I was earlier. We decided to pack up and took the walk up the path. As we were walking the other photographers were experiencing spray too, and gave up that spot too. At the top of the path, some trees are cleared and has given an exposed view of the fall. It is amazing how the gorge concentrates the sounds of the crashing water and this is about 300 yards away. It is truly a grand view looking back down the gorge to the fall. I wanted to get some of the trees and unseasonal greens in the shot. If you look close enough the photographers have moved further down stream. Ideal if you have a telephoto lens for the close up and spray free shot. My dad and his knees would not have survived that rocky walk down stream. The weeble would have fallen down too, including me.

High Force on the Tees










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