Gibson’s Cave and Summerhills Force

Gibson’s Cave and Summerhills Force

Landscape Photography

Gibsons Cave at Dawn
















After the monstrous hangover on New Years Day 2015, January 2nd and an early start. My Dad and I got up so early it was unreal. The journey from Bearpark via Tow Law into Weardale took about an hour dodging fallen branches from the previous night’s gales, and navigating dark country roads with drops and gullies and switch back turns. We only passed two other vehicles. We set off around 0630 hours to get to our destination at Bowlees just beyond Middleton in Teesdale and Newbiggin.

It was amazing, we arrived at Bowlees picnic area at around 0730hours, and there was an overnight camper van lodging in the car park. Not a soul in sight. Still quite dark, it was pre – dawn.

We arrived at Gibson’s cave on foot it’s about 5 – 10 minute steady walk, from the car park.

I experimented with only my UV filter attached to my 17-40mm f4 L USM, and set up the tripod and camera near to the cave, the stones were slippery and the spray was very apparent an unavoidable at this distance. I took a 10 minute exposure as dawn came. A very much mid-toned and washed out colours, and as expected blown out highlights from the sky. These highlights proved to be a pain during post editing. There was a couple of magical results, the blue cast, and the lovely smooth water as result of the long exposure,and surprising not too bad on the noise, due to low ISO, set at 100, the aperture at f11.

My dad is known to have some patience. He did very well, and scouted shots for me to take down the river. He nearly slipped in. Not sure if he saved himself using his walking stick. This is a rare treat for me and dad, as when I go home we seldom have some us time, as usually I spend it with my mam. Or entertain my brothers kids.

I set about further down stream to get the full frontal of the waterfall. Using the big stopper, for 20 minutes, I did not know whether to heartbroken, knowing the filter was collecting spray, or whether to see if this occupational hazard would be effective, comments are welcome of course. I am not afraid of showing good with bad, as you only can learn from the bad. For me this particular image is like looking through your glasses and not having wiped the rain clear, or looking through your windscreen without using the wipers. I am fascinated by and yet disgruntled, for the time it took, it was the perfect exposure, just smack in the middle of the histogram…

Gibsons Cave with Spray










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  1. Great post Angie. The trials and tribulations looked to be worth the effort from what I see. I’m probably crazy but I truly like the second photo with the water spots. Thank you for sharing both. Take care. -Max-

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