Moore Street Substation at Rush Hour

Moore Street Substation at Rush Hour

Night Time Photography

Moore Street Substation at Rush Hour

My favourite building Moore Street Substation in Sheffield, and out on a shoot with my photographer friend Darren Galpin. Now I keep on having this issue with the blues being over saturated. I will eventually suss it out one day. However, I thought I would convert to mono, and it works very well indeed. The moon was full and it was super moon rise; as the sun set I could see it [at work] rising with a beautiful orange reds. This photo was taken over an hour later during Sheffield’s rush hour which starts at around 4pm and continues to around 7pm….and yes lots of NOx fumes from petrol driven cars.

30 second exposure, at f16 – giving the starlight or starburst effect on the street lights. ISO100 to reduce noise, and focal length at 17mm.

I decided to have little fun with the advertising board…

Thanks for calling in today 🙂


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  1. Reblogged this on ArtyAnge Art Work & Photography and commented:

    I have decided to pop an A3 print in one of the local galleries, Curo Gallery on Middlewood Road Sheffield. Bev the owner, suggested may be I could have some of Sheffield local scenes. It is interesting by adding the colour version of the image onto the ad board.

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