A Long Time Out

A Long Time Out

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Moore Street Substation at Rush HourIt has been over a year since I have been able to carry out some serious photography, and have somewhat missed been able to get out there and do the one thing that is for me and my only real bit of self indulgence. Photography can be an extravagant hobby which came to me later in life rather than in my youth, and can just about afford it.

artyange photography

I have had use of my phone camera for little reqqies and is by no means a substitute for my DSLR, taking a purposeful hike and settling down with my flask and taking in the surroundings with the camera.  I feel a tad guilty as not been keeping up with the world of WordPress, as it adds to my anguish, and sincerest apologies to my followers and to the ones I follow for my sustained absence.

I have had a couple of outings, but no post processing as I still await my new office space in the spare front bedroom our new house. It is nearly there, however not nearly there enough. Reuben my partner is building a hideaway office and guest wardrobe so the room can exist with more than one function, my office come studio, and then as a guest bedroom. It fills me with excitement, as we could not have done this at the old house. Although it is four months since the project on the front bedroom started, it is somewhat frustrating it is taking this long. People can renovate a whole house in less time.

We had to move out of our rented house in May 2015, having been given notice to quit this time last year. House hunting and staying at my friends from May until August meant that there was no real working room for me, my computer dark room suite were packed away, my lap top processing power is not great and unable to import LR4 on to it. So here I am blogging some text to justify my absence. I have managed to blog about some phone photos, alas it was a little half – hearted and just wanted to test the water so to speak. It has been a year of upheaval and emotion, however I am still positive. A new house a new location and some great photo opportunities within a 5 minute walk or a 10 minute drive. A brand new start.

It was this time last year I took my Dad, brother and Reuben to Kielder Observatory in the wilds of north Northumberland close to the Scottish border. It was  a present to my dad. I did not manage to get any photos, although we did make a return visit with my two nephews and niece. No great photos that day either. I think that was a symptom of the things that were to come, this was April, and we were waiting on the survey on the new house. Then it was stalemate right up until then end of July when the breakthrough came. At last we were going to get our new home.

Durham Cathedral Door Knocker

In the mean time I had an unusual request about on of my images posted back in 2012, The Durham Cathedral Door Knocker, a lady wanted to use it in her book. I was a little horrified to find out that she actually downloaded the image from this site, and realised I had not resized my images, as I was foolish enough to upload full sized images in my early stages of blogging in the art of photography – my learning curves. I am only too aware this happens to photographers quite a lot and flagrant abuse of copyright. However the author did ask for my permission, and after a few emails I gave her the permission and I get some sort of free advertising….. we shall see.

I am at a quandary as to what to do when I kick start my photography and blogging about it. I feel like archiving a lot of my early stuff here on WordPress, or maybe start afresh with a new blog altogether.

I have my Weebly site which is also on the back burner, I do a separate blog for new on that site for the POD sites. The mind boggles over blogging and what shape or form this WordPress one shall take. I originally started it as a an experience of my developing skills and sharing the knowledge I have gained and hope it would be of some use to someone, albeit a visual record for myself to back and see what I did then and what I do now.

I am not so sure if that is the way I want to carry on. I may have to look back at the most favoured of blogs and see what it was about them that got people hitting the like button. I am an enthusiast at the end of the day, with a little bit of selling stuff on the side. Some of work has sold on the POD sites so I must be doing something right..

The Dairy CrownSo watch this space, my return to the blog scene is coming, I have some thinking to do as how I am to re-invent or re-introduce myself…

Thank you  for taking time to read my blog  😀





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  1. Yes we have missed your work coming in but i am sure it won’t be long now to you resuming what you enjoy most. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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