Withernsea Beach Groyne

Withernsea Beach Groyne

Landscape Photography

Withersea Beach Groyne

A Good Friday last minute dash to the East Riding of Yorkshire, Withernsea on the Yorkshire Coast; well it is the Holderness Coast and is the fastest eroding coastline in Europe. Withernsea has no less than 18 sea defence groynes and it is a typical Victorian seaside resort. This resort is 17.5miles from Hull which is one the main ports on the east coast, sitting on the Humber Estuary.

From the beach is a highly visible offshore wind farm known as the Westermost Rough. Looking due south east is the Humber Gateway wind farm.

It is my first proper outing for publishing in over a year. Me and my partner decided to take advantage of the weather, as the rest of the Bank Holiday is going to be a bit wet, typical for us British.

This is a 34 second exposure using a big lee stopper (10 stop filter) and 0.3ND hard edge graduated filter, with some post editing in Lightroom 4. Photographed around 3.30pm. I had hoped for more fair weather cloud however you can’t have everything.

Hello it is great to be back, and thank you for calling by my blog today



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    1. The calm before storm Katie..Thanks I feel really well out of it. There have been annoying changes in WordPress in my absence. That will teach me😯

      1. Yes !!! they can’t keep their hands away from it – avoided most of it by bookmarking old (better) pages for Dashboard & posting: it is all still there underneath the crap (dumbed down version) but for how long ….. who knows.
        It is as always ‘progress’ & for that read: how to make things more difficult, less intuitive & just bloody terrible.

        See what you have missed: all the rants from those who use a PC and not one of those phones that do everything but make a phone call.

        Sorry you got me going for a moment πŸ˜‰


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