Textured Images

Textured Images

Macro Photography

A Reflection on Fruit Salad

A little different to my usual type of work, I am still trying to get back into the swing of things but finding myself procrastinating an awful lot.

I popped into a Curo Gallery along Middlewood Road near to where I live in Sheffield, as I have recently printed some of my images to be mounted ready  for the spare room – come office.

I was asked if I could photograph in the style of Dominic Murray.  He paints in oils and the paintings are so life – like, I originally thought he had photographed and textured the images in Photoshop.

After a little research and using an old bit of mirror, black backdrop and two day light lamps with diffusers I set about my studio in the dining room. I worked on an ISO of 200 used live view to set up and focus. The mirror had deep glass so there was a lot of ‘ghost reflections’. No reflections were reproduced in Photoshop. I have to keep something authentic over the textured finish in CS6. Here are my own take in the style of Dominic Murray, minimalistic chillies and fruit.

The odd looking glasses holding the cream and port are hand made port sipping pipes and are extremely delicate and as they are so unusual I just could not resist these as a prop. They were given to us as Christmas present from our friend Dalia who knows we have a penchant for port!!



Thank you  for calling in today 🙂


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  1. Hi Ange – these are super I love the port glasses! I was going to ask if you did the reflections for real or virtual – but I’ve read your write-up, so now I know. As the tools become available, more and more, just getting a good shot becomes only half of the art, doesn’t it?

    1. Thank you Mary. Trying to emulate a style of someone else without plagiarising is difficult. Thank you I was surprised how well they came out.

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