Finchale Priory

Finchale Priory

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Finchale Priory


Finchale Priory is 13th century Benedictine priory. It was established and founded by Hugh de Puiset in 1196 on the site of hermitage of St Godric.

It was built as a Benedictine Monks retreat and is located 4 miles outside Durham, not far from Chester-le-Street. The road that leads to it is directly opposite HMP Frankland. It falls within the Diocese of Durham and it’s mother priory is Durham Cathedral.

Finchale Priory it set on wide stretch of the River Wear which continues to flow through Durham City and out to the coast via Sunderland. The priory was disestablished in 1535 towards the end of the Reformation period during the of reign Henry VIII.

Here are few snap shots of the priory during my recent visit back to the North East.


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7 thoughts on “Finchale Priory

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      1. Well your technical skills are very good as is your eye. The motivation part I completely understand. You are very talented, my friend.

  1. Great series of images from a lovely location. Haven’t visited Durham or Chester-le-Street for a long time, will have to head over there and visit Finchale Priory too.

    1. Thanks Mary, it was not a good day for light, with the the fair weather clouds and lots of shadows from the building, so had to be a little creative in B&W editing. You should go it is not bad to have a look around it is free English Heritage, The walk over the very wide foot bridge into eh woods is quite nice. A couple of hours well spent 🙂

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