Clouds Above Strines Tower

Clouds Above Strines Tower

Landscape Photography

Clouds Above Strines Tower

A walk near to my new home, starting from Low Bradfield near the Plough Inn taking you along a path, Blindside Lane and leading into Andrew Woods passing Dale Dyke Reservoir; the notorious reservoir that caused the The Great Flood of Sheffield in 1864. Eventually you come out at The Strines Reservoir, where you can look down the valley to Dale Dyke Reservoir. It may not the most inspiring of shots, shooting into the sun, with a polarising lens (not the recommended way in using a polariser), resulting in a lens flare whilst trying to capture the Tower and the cirrocumulus clouds that have arced in a peculiar fashion. The Strines Tower is also known as Boot’s Folly,  on the land next to Sugworth Hall built in 1927 by Charles Boot.

To make the shot interesting I edited in Lightroom 4, and converted to black and white using the HSL panel, then used split tone 1 for the colour effects. I like the fact the tower appears to have eyes and is watching me.

WordPress has informed me of my 5th anniversary of blogging with them. I hand out a big thank you to all who visit my site over the past 5 years. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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