Strines Tower

Strines Tower

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Strines Tower


Strines Tower or Boot’s Folly, overlooking the Bradfield Dale and Dale Dyke Reservoir. The Strines Reservoir is to the left out of shot. Boot’s Folly was built in 1927 by Charles Boot near Sugworth Hall. It is said that he wanted to look out to High Bradfield Church to remember his wife who was buried there. I missed an opportunity here and did not photograph inside however I will return at some point in the near future. By the time we got to the Strines all the clouds disappeared, I was a little disappointed however I  was not going to be beaten so I adapted to the changes.

I edited in Lightroom 4 using the infrared preset to convert the image into an unusual black and white photo. I like the effect as there is good contrast against the deep blue sky from the tower in foreground.




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  1. Hi Ange – wasn’t this the one that was built because he bet his neighbour he could see the tower from his house – then found out he couldn’t. So he had the tower built in an incredibly short time to make it seem you could – and win the bet? Maybe that was another one. Some nice pics – hope you’re all settled in by now.

    1. I am not sure, the info from Wikipedia suggest that Robert Boot built it to look across the valley to High Bradfield….. a theory does wiki says. It does not mention anything about seeing his neighbour. However, I think he would need some binoculars or telescope to see the church.

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