Rivelin Valley

Rivelin Valley

Landscape Photography


Footbridge at Rivelin Rails RoadFootbridge at Rivelin Rails Road

Happy New year to a you all.

I hope the new year brings you much luck love and happiness; despite worrying times ahead around the globe, with the political debacles about to unravel in the coming year.

iver Rivelin above Upper Coppice WheelRiver Rivelin above Upper Coppice Wheel

Here are a couple of spots along the River Rivelin in the Rivelin Valley. It was a lovely crisp late morning on the 2nd January so I popped out for a couple of hours sat on my bum waiting for some long exposures to come through.  Just near the junction of A57 and the A6101 heading to the Rivelin Dam. I did not have much time to pop to the Dam, so I stayed near the Rivelin Conservation Group car park at Rails Road. ‘Footbridge at Rivelin Rails Road’ was at 8 minutes exposure with the big stopper. ‘River Rivelin above Upper Coppice Wheel’ is the longest ever I have dared to go to even at F16 at 16 minutes. I can fully appreciate the exposure time and it has worked and I have nailed it with the big stopper. The air was cool and the sensor has less risk of overheating leaving terrible little hot pixels. During post processing you do have to very careful bringing any detail out, as you risk bringing I dust spots. I am happy with the outcomes, except for my troubles with my hyperfocal distance. Maybe I am having issues with my glasses or cannot judge distance very well. I will have to dig out the Bosch laser measure 😀 and consider going to another optician!

Highlights of 2016

Here are some highlights from 2016.

Gallery – please click on any thumbnail to be view.

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4 thoughts on “Rivelin Valley

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  1. Wow! A couple of great shots to kick off 2017 🙂
    I like both the Rivelin shots. The sunshine highlights in the first work really well. The colours in the second are terrific. Both shots have their own appeal.
    Nice to see the gallery of shots from 2016. I look forward to seeing what highlights you can bring in 2017 🙂
    Best wishes for a creative and happy new year.

    1. Cheers Mr Cafe. Thank you. And ditto. I am hoping to get back into it a bit more this year.just seem to not have the time over 2016. Change in job role settling into new house. Etc. Looking forward to your blog posts over the next year. 😊😊

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