Rivelin Falls Early Morning

Rivelin Valley February Morning

Rivelin Valley February Morning

Landscape Photography

Rivelin Falls Early Morning

Having got a day’s holiday, I had hoped to do something different. I tried to find a parking place near the Rivelin Dam, it was rather pathetic (no parking safely off the side of the road).. So I gave up. I have trapped nerve somewhere in my shoulder/neck, I am trying to get out and about keep the damn thing mobile. I plumped back to reserve spot as the A57 is limited for parking near the Dams. I parked at the Rails Road conservation car park, and revisited a couple of places and took some shots there using my circular polariser. Handy if you are big – stopper – less, not requiring huge exposure times – a few seconds will do today. The polariser is good to take glare of water surfaces, but adds some colour depth and exposure time. It was rather crisp this morning -3°C, I left my mittens at friends – cold fingers, and I left my trustee remote control at home no big stopper work either. It has been a bad start by all accounts.

However I have a couple of shots from my little mini adventure. Before I pop back out again I will start the slow cooker for beef stew of some sorts for a meal later to be served with Yorkshire puds



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