Wyming Brook

Wyming Brook

Landscape Photography

Wyming Brooks Path

I wanted to go out to the reservoirs in my local vicinity and unfortunately parking and the weather were not in my favour. I did get out to them in one way or another. My earlier post took me back to the Rivelin Valley. Later that day I decided to haul up to Redmires Reservoirs, it was gray and cold, even after the mornings frost had long gone, I had never been before so I was uncertain what to find.

Wyming Brook is a river on the outskirts east of  Sheffield on the Hallam Moors, not far from Hillsborough. It is also a SSSI (site of special scientific interest). Wyming Brook’s source are the Redmires Reservoirs. The brook flows north easterly for more than a kilometer down to the Rivelin Dams. Wyming Brook is also a nature reserve. The brook starts to meander its way through the reserve and the terrain drops sharply (around 100m) leaving these wonderful waterfalls along its trail.

It has been a long time coming, however it is on my list of places to photograph. These are winter scenes without snow; which appears to be more like autumnal scenes, still holding on to some lush moss and flora, including decaying leaves. The day was overcast, allowing me for my favourite pastime of long exposure work. The image ‘Wyming Brook’s Path’ is the only time I dropped onto the Lee big stopper. This was a mammoth 14 minutes. Peoples dogs kept coming to say hello, I was in fear of my tripod being knocked…The rest were a few seconds long, and just about right on the nail for exposure. My appetite has been wetted for future visits. Spring summer and autumn.


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