Boot’s Folly

Boot’s Folly

Landscape Photography

Boot's Folly

A series of black and white conversions in the style of Ansel Adams, capturing the clouds and detail of the subject and its place within the landscape, and its isolation. Adding some Gaussian blur for the film effect.

The area has its history. The Strines Reservoir is one of a series that feed Sheffield it’s drinking water, sitting in the Bradfield Dale is Strines Moor. Sugworth Hall resides in some woods nearby this folly. Charles Boot decided to build this tower back in 1827 so he could view Bradfield Church, where his wife is buried there a year before in 1826.

The weather started out as overcast, and the clouds eventually gave way to fair weather. I bandied around the bracket photos, using the big stopper, using the odd graduated, it was not an easy shoot.

Boot’s Folly image has an unusual cloud formation looking like a horizontal twister meandering across the sky in truth it is likely to be a con trail from an aeroplane.

Hillside Companions, photographing on a slope, I wanted to isolate the tower and the lone tree and give some perspective to the reservoir below. The tree is younger than the tower, it seems to be a lonely place, so the tree is a welcome companion on the hillside

Boot’s Folly Tower with the Dale Dyke Reservoir off n the distance. The clouds above were creating breaks of blue, ideal to capture the tower architecturally and with the clouds fluffy and white, ideal for Ansel Adams style processing.


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