Reflection In Cow Green Reservoir

Reflection In Cow Green Reservoir

Landscape Photography

Reflection in Cow Green Reservoir

Cow Green Reservoir, an expanse of water upstream from High Force along the River Tees. The sun hung out with fair weather clouds, and gave some great blues and wonderful reflections. Nice to dabble in black and white with Ansell Adams style black and white post processing in Lightroom. I used a polariser and a graduated filter an 0.9ND Lee filter. This still looked impressive prior to post processing. It’s about getting the blacks to be black and the blues dark, pushing the whites as far as possible without blowing them out. I hope my Dad likes it. He was on a stop start mission from Cow Green down to the bottom of the Cauldron Snout and all the way back to the top to get this shot.

Thanks for calling in to my blog today!

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4 thoughts on “Reflection In Cow Green Reservoir

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  1. Great image – looking forward to being back in the UK for the lovely sky & forgiving light, by the time I get my camera out again it will be Autumn šŸ™‚
    It’s nice hearing someone mention A.A as he seems to come in for a lot of unjustifiable criticism these days.

    1. Thanks David. His style is bold. I discovered a while back in digital camera mag and enjoyed applying it to some of my pictures. This and Caw Gap in Mono have worked well for me. I hope you enjoy being back UK. We have just had a heatwave …

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