Hornsea Groyne

Hornsea Groyne

Landscape Photography

Hornsea Groyne


Hornsea is a small seaside resort on the East Riding of Yorkshire Coast. It began as a medieval settlement, expanding in the 1800’s with the development of the Hull and Hornsea Railway.

This groyne holds a cast iron pipe. The interest with this particular groyne is the heavy bracing and the amount of it, reminding me of a gigantic toberlerone. The weather was inclement to say the least and the battle with the splash and water drops on the front of the filters began, even with a brolly shielding as best we could. The wind was blowing on shore thus choosing the moment was critical. This exposure took six minutes. The whites had blown out a little, however a little dalliance in Lightroom has done the trick. The extra exposure to compensate for the misty weather, and to help with the detail in the woodwork

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