Cayton Bay Collection II

Cayton Bay Collection II

Landscape Photography

Cayton Bay
Cayton Bay Johnny Flintons Harbour

Second Installment from Cayton Bay. This image is looking into Johnny Flinton’s Harbour which leads you to Osgoody Point, the peninsular jutting out. Good evidence of coastal erosion, the angular shaped cliffs. Available at Photo4Me and Redbubble


Osgoody Point
Cayton Bay Osgoody Point

A closer view of the peninsular at Osgoody Point. Available at Redbubble


Red Cliff Hole
Cayton Bay Red Cliff Hole

At the opposite end of Cayton Bay, where we traversed the rocks around Red Cliff on our first day. A view from Red Cliff Hole. Available at Photo4Me and Redbubble

While we were wandering along the beach we revisited the pillar boxes that were lying upside down. I was amazed to see the unmistakable  work of Sheffield Graffiti Artist Phlegm. He features regularly in a fellow blogger’s posts by Postcard Cafe. There was other graffiti, ‘I love so and so’ and non descriptive letters, however I was pleased to say this has been left alone, preserving the work of a true artist.




Cayton Bay Collection II Gallery


4 thoughts on “Cayton Bay Collection II

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  1. Hi Ange,
    A great set of images from Cayton Bay with your trademark long exposures working so well.
    I like your photos of Phlegms fish and the look of it now it has weathered a few years. I remember seeing photographs of it shortly after it was first done but now almost looks better than when it was freshly painted. It sits in the landscape wonderfully. I’m sure it was nice to stumble upon a piece of his artwork.
    Thank you for the link to Postcard Cafe. I have reciprocated with a link on the Phlegm Fish Stamp blog post taking people to this page.
    Have a great week
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

    1. Thank you. It was exciting knowing that I found his work outside of Sheffield. And i knew by whom. Thank you for the link. I meant to respond sooner. Just managed to catch up.

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